High power millimeter-wave wideband amplifiers are required in future high resolution radar and high speed communication systems. For conventional gyro-TWTs, the constant drive bandwidth is limited to about 5% because of the dispersion of the interaction circuit. To increase the bandwidth of the gyro-TWT, the circuit's dispersion must be reduced. This can be achieved by loading the waveguide circuit with dielectric or with a corrugated wall. A dielectric-loaded gyro-TWT has recently yielded and unprecedented constant drive bandwidth of 11% with 55kW output power, 27dB saturated gain and 11% efficiency. The objective of developing all-metal disk-loaded gyro-TWT is to improve the previous dielectric-loaded circuit. The dispersion of the new interaction circuit is reduced by periodically loading the waveguide circuit with metal disks. The all-metal circuit has the advantage of eliminating the dielectric charging problem which exists in the dielectric-loaded circuit and it can handle higher thermal loading capability.

Expected Results

*Output Power:75kW *Gain: 30dB * Center Frequency: 10GHz *Efficiency: 15% *Bandwidth: 20%

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