Microwave / Millimeter Wave Vacuum Electronics Research Projects

Development of a W-Band TE01 Gyrotron Traveling-Wave Amplifier (Gyro-TWT) for Advanced Radar Applications

W-Band Sixth Harmonic Slotted Gyrotron

Second-Harmonic Axis-Encircling Beam Gyro-TWT Amplifier

Second-Harmonic Fundamental Mode Slotted Peniotron

Oxide Cathode Studies

RF Breakdown Studies

Multi-Beam Klystrons

W-Band Multi-Beam and Sheet-Beam Klystrons

High-Brightness RF Gun and Coherent Synchotron Radiation Generation

Silicon Field Emission Cathodes for use as Microwave Sources

High Power Hybrid Technology Millimeter Wave Source

Slotted Third-Harmonic Gyro-TWT Amplifier (Reference Only)

High Performance Gyrotron Amplifier (Reference Only)

Dielectric-Loaded Wideband Gyro-TWT Amplifier (Reference Only)

Wide-Band Disk-Loaded Gyro-TWT Amplifier (Reference Only)

Sixth-Harmonic Gyrofrequency Multiplier (Reference Only)

High Power RF (Reference Only)

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