High Voltage Subnanosecond Corona Inception

Advances in Plasma-Filled Relativistic Slow Wave Microwave Sources

Effects of High Plasma Density on the Electromagnetic Properties of Slow Wave Circuits

Susceptilbility Diagram of Multipactor Discharge on a Dielectric-Effects of an External Magnetic Field and Oblique RF Electric Field

A Theory of RF Window Failure

Resonant Absorption of a Short-Pulse Laser in a Doped Dielectric

Simulation of Microwave Sintering of Ceramic Bodies with Complex Geometry

Design of a Frequency Tripling, Third Harmonic Gyro-TWT

Harmonic Gyrotrons at 94 GHz

UCD Gyro-TWT Program: 94 GHz TEo1 Gyro-TWT and 44 GHz Third-Haromonic Slotted Gyro-TWT

Results of a Wideband 2nd Harmonic Gyro-Amplifier (phigtron) Experiment

A Broadband (4-25 GHz) Calorimeter for Diagnosing High Power Microwave Sources

Decoherence in a Chirped-Pulse Free-Electron Maser

Experimental Study of Intrinsic & Technical Phase Noise in a Second Harmonic Gyrotron Amplifier (Phigtron)

Analytical Theory of Multi-State Gyro-Amplifiers

Dynamic Simulation of Mode Selective Extended Interaction Cavity for Wideband, High Power Gyrotron Applications

A Smith-Purcell Free Electron Laser Based on an X-Band Photoinjector

Initial Operation of a High Power Cusp Gun

Linear Theory of a Multi-Stage Gyro TWT

Influence of the Microwave Magnetic Field on High Power Microwave Window Breakdown

A Long Pulse (>1 usec) Field Emission Electron Gun with Stable Cross Section for HPM Sources

Study of High Power, Two-Stage, TWT X-Band Amplifier

High Power Microwave Generation Using a Repetitive Electron Gun with a Ferroelectric Cathode

High Power Ka Band TWT Amplifier

Characterization of the Power Handling Capability of an S-Band and Double Disc Gas Cooled Microwave Window

Recent Advances in the MURI Eastern Consortium for Research on High Energy Microwave Generators

Western MURI Consortium on High Energy Microwave Sources

Laser Heated LaB6 Thermionic Cathode on a MV Electron Beam Accelerator

Electron Emission from Ferroelectric Thin Film Cathodes

Progress in the Control of a Smart Tube High Power Backward Wave Oscillator

Progress on Pulse Lengthening of a Relativistic Backward Wave Oscillator

Comparison of Simulation and Experimental Results for a Radially Symmetric Transit-Time Oscillator

Optical Spectroscopy of Plasma and Plasma Processing in High Power Microwave Pulse Shortening Experiments

Microwave Production and Beam Transport in a Multi-MW Large-Orbit, Axis Encircling, Coaxial Gyrotron Oscillator

Optimazitation of Microwave Generation by Coaxial Viractor

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