MURI'99 Kick-Off Meeting Documents

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Agenda (105Kb)

Attendees (27Kb)

Program Overview (275Kb)

Stanford MURI Program (17Mb)

UC Davis MURI Program

        UC Davis Millimeter Wave Vacuum/ Solid-State Hybrid Technologies (2.8Mb)

        Overview of UCD MURI Gyro-Device Program (3.2Mb)

        An X-Band Photoinjector for Intense MM-Wave and Tunable X-Ray Generation (6.88Mb)

Stanford/UC Davis MURI Posters

        W-band reentrant cavity measurement (2.45Mb)

        High Gradient RF Breakdown Study (20Mb)

        Nonlinear Delay Line Controlled Phased Antenna Array (800Kb)

        Millimeter Wave Quasi-Optical Switch (1.3Mb)

        High Power Millimeter Wave Grid Array Sources (1.15Mb)

        High Performance 94 GHz TE01 Gyro-TWT Amplifier (1.4Mb)

        94 GHz Sixth-Harmonic Slotted Gyrotron (2.7Mb)

        Ka-Band Second-Harmonic Gyro-TWT Amplifier (3.6Mb)

        High Efficiency Ka-Band Second-Harmonic Peniotron (2.69Mb)

Univ. of Maryland MURI Program

         Frequency Doubling Harmonic Gyro-TWT's (265Kb)

         Studies Of The Effects Of Plasma On Microwave Vacuum Electronics Devices (173Kb)

          Program Document(1) (ZIP file, 1.4Mb)

          Program Document(2) (ZIP file,1.4Mb)

Univ. of Michigan MURI Program (45Kb)

MIT MURI Program (4.4Mb)

Univ. of Wisconsin MURI Program (30Mb)