UC Davis PDG: ECE Imaging on RTP

UC Davis, in collaboration with the FOM Instituut voor Plasmafysica 'Rijnhuizen', installed an ECE Imaging system on the RTP tokamak in the Netherlands in September, 1997. This 16 channel system, shown schematically below, collected ECE Imaging data until the RTP tokamak was shut down in August, 1998. 


On RTP, the UC Davis ECE Imaging system shared a port with a multipoint Thomson scattering system, thereby providing a good calibration for the responsivity of the imaging channels. The bottom plate of the tower is the moving part of a motorized translation stage, which can translate the system along the beam line by more than 30 cm to achieve optimum focusing independent of emission frequency and the tokamak toroidal magnetic field. 

For further technical details, and ECE Imaging measurements and results from RTP, please examine the following links:

*Further technical details on RTP, and the RTP ECE Imaging system
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*Electron temperature fluctuation dispersion relations
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*2D structure of electron temperature fluctuations

The unique features of the ECE Imaging diagnostics derive from the use of wideband, low cost Schottky diode mixer arrays. Follow the links below to learn more about both the technology and the techniques employed in ECE Imaging.

*Imaging array design and fabrication
*Correlation Measurements

UC Davis has fabricated and installed multichannel ECE Imaging systems on a number of fusion plasma tokamaks across the world. Follow the links below for a description of the systems involved, and to sample data collected with these systems.

* ECE Imaging on the TEXTOR tokamak in Germany
* ECE Imaging on the KSTAR tokamak in Korea
* ECE Imaging on the TEXT-U tokamak in the U.S.A. (Reference Only)

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