Michael Johnson's Home Page -  I  received  a B.S. in Paper Engineering from Western Michigan University in 1975. I worked in the paper industry in technical service and then production management from 1975-1980 for the Mead Corporation in Chillicothe, Ohio. In 1980 I  went to work for Huyck Formex  as a Technical Sales/Sevice Representative in the industry traveling Wisconsin , Minnesota and Michigan. In 1991 I transferred to the California, Arizona and New Mexico territory.
I  came to work at UC-Davis as an Associate Development Engineer with the Department of Applied Science  in 1998. Working under Professor Neville Luhmann Jr., my main responsibility now  is to work with the researchers and graduate students in the Millimeter Wave Group to design and construct various microwave, laser and x-ray diagnostic systems.Working at the university has been a very interesting and exciting career change for me.
I have been very busy lately working on a far infrared laser interferometer/polarimeter system we have built and installed on  the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX). NSTX  is a magnetic containment fusion chamber at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in Princeton, NJ.
I have also been assisting with the mechanical buildup of a compton x-ray experiment at Stanford Linear Accellerator Center (SLAC) at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA.
In my spare time, I like to fly(commercial pilot), skydive (900+ jumps), motorcycle, sail and scuba dive.

Contact me: mjohn@ucdavis.edu