Hiking in the Granite Chief Wilderness near Lake Tahoe Taking a break on the Lost Coast of Northern California

(Left: Hiking in the Granite Chief Wilderness near Lake Tahoe. Right: Taking a break on the Lost Coast of Northern California)

Name: Alex Spear

Occupation: Graduate Student

Field of Interest: Plasma physics. Specifically, plasma diagnostic tools for the study of plasma phenomena.


Hello all,

My name is Alex, as you read above. I recieved my B.S. in physics at UC Davis in March 2009. I was an intern for Prof Luhmann since about late 2007 and I was so impressed with the group he has assembled that I decided to stay on at Davis to work on my graduate degree. My projects have included work on our world famous ECEI plasma diagnostic systems and, currently, our vacuum electronics devices (e-guns, RF circuits, etc). My ultimate goal is to obtain my PhD in Plasma Diagnostics and move on to a national research lab where I can contribute my part in the development of a viable fusion power technology.

On a personal note: I was married last year to my beautiful wife Jill and we now live in Sacramento, CA. As much as I'd like to be the perfect environmentalist... I'm a commuter. Yes, driving to work everyday sounds bad but it's worth it. I really enjoy working with all the people in my research group and the projects we get to be involved with can be a lot of fun. I have several hobbies; bicycling, hobby electronics, and reading are among my top.

Here is a link to my facebook. Feel free to friend me but I rarely check my messages.


My email address is: